Meet the brothers

One of the most popular live channels in Russia with an audience of 350'000 people,
with a fast-growing community.

Following project was made for a YouTube channel The Brothers. In this project, the main cast of the channel: Twins, Shmump, Coach Alik, Wolverine, Mulat, and Petruha are presented in a beautifully and smoothly animated video. Given project was made in the span of two weeks, and was developed in After Effects and Photoshop.


Part 1

The End

Part 2

The Brothers are making entertainment-informational videos in which they are actively filming their journeys and adventures either in Russia and outside of it, visiting many other countries. Brothers are filming interesting places, peculiar conversations with resident people, sharing their feelings and thoughts about their ongoing trips, partaking in extreme sports and stunts, always being in the hottest spot they can be, and having fun overall.

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