Just by Myself

We present to you an incredibly talented musician, that performs his craft in Lo-Fi/Ambient style, whose music will bring you an overwhelming sense of relaxation and calmness of body and mind.

In the project we have conjured up a graphical design for the album of the following musician. The situation on this design is portrayed as such: A young man is standing on the rocky beach in front of a big and wide wavy ocean, symbolizing the mundane worries and anxieties we face when moving forward into the future, but at the same time, the ocean also gives off a different, somewhat calming vibe, with which it fascinates and helps one to focus. In the meantime, the logo of a said musician shows itself in front of a young man, inverting the colors of the ocean, offering him to distance himself from needless worrying, luring him into calm and collected state of mind for him to move on, and choose the right path.




Vinyl Cover


Bus Stop Billboard

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