Unique project for Roma Acorn

Did you ever wish about meeting your idol in person? A famous Russian blogger that goes by the name of Roma Acorn gives his fans that chance with courtesy in mind!

Works since September of 2016

Got over 1 000 000 unique visits

Roma Acorn is a famous Russian blogger, whose popularity is almost unmatched. With this project, he wants to thank his fans and give them a chance to get a lot of handsome rewards just from him! This website is designed specifically to deliver and share the joy and gratitude to his fans. With a small fee, you will get to spin the wheel and get a wide variety of prizes, from getting personal like on Instagram or a personal signature, to actually meeting the person of interest and sharing a dinner together! The site is presented with a stylish minimalistic approach, with the most of it showing the only things fans want to get - rewards, while not distracting them with flashy effects or unnecessarily clustered menus and blank spaces. A horizontal scroll wheel is added for comfortable browsing of possible rewards for participating in the game.


Profile Page


Spin the Wheel

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